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A Battery Revolution

Dreamweaver has developed a new nonwoven battery separator made from a combination of nanofibers and microfibers that provides

  • 300% Higher Power:  The technology allows higher transmission of electricity in the battery, improving the power available in electric vehicles, power tools and other high power applications.
  • Better Efficiency: The technology reduces the battery internal resistance, lowering energy dissipation and increasing efficiency.
  • 23% Higher Energy Density:  The technology allows more efficient use of the electrodes, increasing energy density.
  • Thinner, lighter, smaller: Because of the above attributes, the technology allows for thinner, lighter and smaller batteries.


Our Technology

The job of a battery separator is to be a perfect barrier between the electrodes, while also acting as a perfect window to the electrolyte.  Dreamweaver technology uses a combination of nanofibers and microfibers in a nonwoven structure that can give both.

  • Perfect Window:  The microfibers give an open structure, forming a tinkertoy network that is flexible yet strong and porous.
  • Perfect Barrier:  The nanofibers drape on the microfibers like spider webs on tinkertoys, giving a low pore size and narrow pore distribution that keeps the electrodes apart.




Nonwoven Separators Designed for Supercapacitors