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Dr. Brian Morin, President & COO


After 10 years at Milliken and DuPont, Brian Morin founded Innegrity in 2004, and its award winning flagship product, the Innegra™ fiber, has been placed in 60 end-user applications, primarily in sporting goods, racing and ballistic protection.  He helped author over 125 international patents and applications, including four technology platforms which are showing enduring commercial success.  He has led the commercial launch of several new products including raising equity and debt financing and building and leading the technical, sales, marketing, and manufacturing teams.

He has also written a novel, A Matter of Faith, and has a blog, Innovation with Integrity.


Jim Schaeffer, CEO


Prior to founding Dreamweaver, Jim was CEO of Polymer Group Inc., leading them to over $1 billion in sales and participating in taking the company public in 1996.  He has several patents and oversaw the nonwoven fabric launch that was used in the initial Swiffer ® Dry Duster product.  While leading PGI, he helped in the successful acquisition and integration of seven other companies.  His strengths are in building relationships and executing against significant market opportunities.